Currently, there aren't quick and cheap ways to digitally register personal assets, proving their ownership than to certify their transfer to somebody else.

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Solidity2 has created a digital platform, using public Blockchain protocols, allows to:

  • Certify the ownership of any personal asset.
  • Create a digital public register for any kind of personal asset never assess or certify before.

How Blockchain works

Blockchain technology is able to manage data sharing and related credentials between computers, coordinating and distributing that info in a clear way. In a few words all the data involved will be:


Data are not stored in a single computer but keep inside of the entire network.


Not subject to arbitrary changes by third parties


Not replicable or copyable in any way.

Blockchain technology was legally recognized by the entire Italian legal system.

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How Solidity2 works

Any user can easily access Solidity2 proprietary system, to certify the ownership of an object or other kind of personal asset, receiving back a digital ownership certificate and a unique serial ID (Token - NFT).

NFT Tokens release represents the unique and immutable proof about the digitalization of the asset that has been made to certify the user's ownership or any other further trade of the same asset.

Any user can easily transfer the ownership of any asset or object to another user or to an external buyer just by signing a contract called a "smart contract" that is generated using Blockchain technologies.

Each transfer (change of ownership) is tracked and recorded through the Blockchain and becomes part of the history and unique record of the same asset.

The "smart contracts" can automatically manage transactions between two parties, following the agreement and rules established between them, transferring a unique NFT Token, from the seller to the buyer.

Platform Users are identified by:

The platform is compatible with the Italian SPID (Public Digital Identity System)

Assets, before being recorded in the platform, are verified and recognized by computer vision systems elaborated by artificial intelligence algorithms.


Certify the ownership of any valuable object

Digital certificates for authentication of any valuable asset

Environmental sustainability

Solidity2 Solidity2 has chosen the Ethereum public blockchain network, where a process of extensive transformation has begun, which aims to make the network itself more sustainable, scalable and and even more secure than before..

With the public Blockchain Ethereum 2.0, we are moving towards major Environmental sustainability, as the network requires less computing power, so it means a huge global energy saving.

Ethereum 2.0 protocol will be more scalable, allowing more operations to be supported in a shorter time and more secure against any form of a hacking attack for the peace of mind of all users in the ecosystem.

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    Giulio Brandimarti

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    Esperto e consulente in tecnologia Blockchain, smart contract, Token Economy.

    Innovation Technology and Industry 4.0 processes Marketing Manager.

    Trainer and Professor for the Master Blockchain School Impresa.

    Associazione Italiana Blockchain

    Roberto Corradetti

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    PhD Computer Science

    Database expert for distributed ledgers.

    Blockchain protocols & ERP software Project Manager.

    Trainer and business advisor for IT development services.

    Full Stack Developer.

    Avv. Domenico Formica

    Legal Advisor

    "Avvocato Cassazionista" and founder of the legal firm Formica & Associati

    Esperto di start up innovative e di fintech, appassionato di finanza alternativa.

    Formerly, Director of the Credit Institute, he works professionally as a trustee of few banking groups listed in the stock market.

    A natural Business talent scout, he also used to work in different teams as a corporate lawyer and he is daily dealing and focus on Financial and Banking law cases.

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